East Travis Gateway Library District

The Library Board is composed of five (5) members for a term of two (2) years. A board member may be appointed to fill a partial term. Board members must be residents of East Travis Gateway Library District. The Library Board meets at 7 PM on the third Tuesday of each month. Special meetings may be called as needed.

If you are interested in serving your community on the Library Board you should be aware of the following criteria which will be used in evaluating candidates for the vacant position.

A board member must:

  • Be genuinely interested in public libraries and understand their importance in meeting the educational, recreational, and informational needs of the community;
  • Understand the local community , its social and cultural needs, and be willing to communicate those needs to the city council and its staff;
  • Commit the time necessary:
    • to become and stay knowledgeable about public library issues ,
    • to attend board meetings, and
    • to serve in board offices and on committees;
  • Be able to work with others to reach a common goal;
  • Be ready to plan creatively and direct effectively the implementation of those plans;
  • Support the library’s role to provide equal library service to all citizens of ETGLD district and those contracted through legal agreements or paid individual memberships.

If you are interested, please complete this application. Applications will be kept on file and names submitted to the Board for consideration.