In the winter of 1982, a young boy from a rural area in Travis County complained to Mayor Carole McClellan that he was unable to check books out at the Austin Public Library because he could not afford the non-resident user fee. That little boy provided all the stimulus that southeast Travis County needed. Plans were organized to establish a public library, and by December 1982, the Articles of Incorporation were filed with the Secretary of State.

The Elroy Community Library opened in 1983 under the direction of Sara Hilger. The library building was completed in 1988. As the area population grew, the Library Board realized a dream of forming the East Travis Gateway Library District in 2006. In order to better serve the East Travis communities, the Garfield Community Library, opened in June 2010.

East Travis Gateway Library District benefits residents of the communities in the Del Valle area, including Elroy, Creedmoor, Colton, Maha, Carl, Pilot Knob, Moore’s Crossing, Bluff Springs, Garfield, and Cedar Creek.